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Prosthetic Limbs with a New Feeling

March 22, 2014

Amputees often times have to make radical adjustments to understand and move forward in life without an appendage. However, scientist’s recent discovery can make the adjustment less radical because patients will be able to feel the healing process. Prosthetic limbs are now allowing patients to retain their sense of touch. Last year a man from [...]

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Microchip Memories

May 30, 2013

What if your memories could be downloaded, backed up, and implanted into your brain? According to CNN, scientists from MIT, University of South Carolina, and Wake Forest and other prestigious schools, are saying that major memory rejuvenation has been achieved on test mice and other specimen. Soon this technology will make its way into curing [...]

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STEM Graduates Prove to be Vital in Curbing Unemployment

March 28, 2013

Recently, I was told to write a short memo on American joblessness and its effects on personal self-worth as well as some possible economic solutions to this crisis for a sociology class.  After doing my own preliminary research, some obvious answers came up.  Though we are not in a recession by economic definition the effects [...]

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Physical Therapy Without Physical Interaction

February 26, 2013

Scientists and engineers are working together to change the entire practice of physical therapy. Scientists are now trying to perfect the art of telemedicine, or medical treatment that is conducted by a doctor without a physical interaction between doctor and patient, according to an article by Whether it is regaining mobility or returning to [...]

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