The Key Summer Intensive Program Announced for 2014

Social Influence & Brand Building — July 26-29 – UCLA, Los Angeles

Discover the essential tools, enabling techniques and successful tactics of the most followed social influencers and learn how to use social influence to build your personal brand, increase your followers and monetize your passions. In addition to all of the current platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+, we will cover every aspect of content creation, publishing, linking, relationship building and marketing your passions, skills and points of view and how you can monetize you.

It isn’t just what you know; it’s who you know and knows you that will make things happen. Start building your brand’s worth today and it will pay you back many times over tomorrow.

Students will be housed at UCLA in one of their dorms. Food, transportation, and admission to all of the events is included. Dates and locations subject to change without notice. Price: $900.00 for Key members, $1,200 for non-Key members.

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