Future Astronaut

Hi Mr. Singer,

I wanted to say thank you for speaking yesterday at my first Generation WOW. After hearing you speak, I still want to be an astronaut, but definitely some type of engineer as well. I hope to some day attend maybe NYU or Duke to name two. Since I’m only in seventh grade, I’ve got some time, but I’m still continuing to do my community service, and working hard at my new school Bolles. I hope we can keep in touch since my mom is s single parent, and doesn’t make much money right now. I will definitely need scholarships. I plan to put my best foot forward, moves grades up, and read your book. FYI, I love the player vs. potential concept. I think I’m a little of both right now. Well thank you again and have a great year.

Best always,
Taylor Richardson, aka astronaut StarBright

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